Q: What Is Acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture is a 5000 year old complex branch of ancient Chinese medicine. Very thin needles are inserted through the skin at specific points in the body for the purpose of returning the flow of energy and blood back to normal and to reinstate organ function. The needles act like small antenna that help to reprogram the vital energy field, treating the cause of imbalance and helping the body recover. An acupuncture session is a peaceful, meditative experience. Seasoned patients enjoy acupuncture and its noticeable effects on their health.


Q: What Are Needle Treatments Like? Are They Painful?

A: Patients who have received inoculations or other medical injections from a hypodermic needle are sometimes fearful that acupuncture treatments will be painful. But that is not the case. Medical hypodermic needles are stiff, hollow, and thick for forcing liquid into the patient’s flesh; it can be an uncomfortable or painful procedure. The acupuncture needles are fine and flexible, no bigger around than a human hair or piece of thread. When a skilled acupuncturist inserts the slender needle, it produces little or no sensation at all. When the needle makes contact with Chi, the energy, most patients experience a slight tingling sensation. First-time patients are usually amazed at how comfortable they are during treatment.


Q: What Should I Wear For An Acupuncture Session?

A: Wear loose comfortable clothing, weather permitting shorts and short sleeved tops. If this is not practical you may change in the treatment room.


Q: How Long Does An Acupuncture Session Last?

The initial appointment requires 1 ½ hours due to an extensive interview and diagnosis. Thereafter follow-up treatments run 1 hour.


Q: Does Acupuncture Have Side Effects?

A: None, besides a small bruise that will disappear in a few days.


Q: Should I Eat or Drink Before I Come for a Treatment?

A: It is advisable to have eaten lightly before a treatment for the best results. If you are too hungry or too full it can affect your treatment results. Please drink additional water after a treatment to help flush out the toxins that are beginning to move around.


Q: If I Am Scheduled For Surgery, Can Acupuncture Help With Pre-Op and Post-Op Procedures and The Healing Process?

A: Yes it can prepare the body for surgery by boosting the immune system and help recuperation time afterwards.


Q: What Will I Feel From The Treatment And How Long Will That Last?

You may feel results from the treatment anywhere up to 48 hours afterwards. A healing reaction post treatment like fatigue, greater energy, a sudden rash, itching from the former needle sites may occur. You might notice a change in your behavior or attitude. The typical results for acupuncture treatments for pain is longer lasting freedom from pain with cumulative sessions.


Q: Is Acupuncture Covered By Medical Insurance?

A: Each medical insurance policy is very different. We would be happy to check with your provider to see what coverage you may have.